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Online Matter Management Solution

Try Law Fluent free for 30 days

Law firms and in-house legal teams looking for an innovative way to manage lawyers, expertise, projects, compliance obligations and tasks online, try Law Fluent for free no obligation 30 day trial!  


Law Fluent's matter management platform allows you to manage workflow efficiently online, and provides clients with secure access to their matters with in-app messaging between clients and lawyers.


Redefining how lawyers work to maximise collaboration, flexibility and efficiency!

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Our Story

We believe innovation and change within the legal industry will be driven by client needs and demands, and technology. Originally developed in July 2013 for our own virtual law firm, Law Fluent was built to manage legal matters, tasks, remote working lawyers and practice expertise all online, and to communicate with our clients through the app.  Essential to our vision for Law Fluent was giving client users access to multiple law firms who utilise Law Fluent for their practice, offering a secure client portal to practice clients and creating a single access point for clients to all their advisors.  Given the success of both our virtual law firm and the Law Fluent app, and the increase in ‘New Law’ models in Australia, the legal industry was crying out for an innovative software solution like Law Fluent.



Manage lawyers, projects, tasks and clients online with Law Fluent

What is Law Fluent?

Law Fluent® is  matter management software, allowing law practices and in-house legal teams to manage matters, expertise and staff online, while providing clients with secure access to their matters and in-app messaging between clients and lawyers.  Clients of a law practice can also use Law Fluent for their in-house legal and compliance teams, including tracking compliance obligations, thereby creating an online hub to collaborate on all internal and external legal matters.  Law Fluent caters for all structures , especially the emergence of ‘New Law’, ‘Law Tech’ and ‘Virtual Law’ firms in Australia. Through its unique management of users, expertise and virtual practice groups, collaboration  between lawyers and your clients, and the ability to exist across multiple practices and clients with the same Law Fluent login credentials, Law Fluent facilitates an exciting new away to practice law.

Law Fluent features


Efficient online matter flow for collaboration between lawyers and clients communication through notes and messages to team members and clients, and easy management of tasks and deadlines.


Set tasks for yourself and lawyers, track  due dates through change in status, see overdue alerts and search using detailed filters. 


Receive instructions directly into your portal from client users, to more efficiently convert instructions to new matters.


Replace emails to clients with messages contained within the matter.


Sophisticated search functionality with filters and key word search to search across all matters and tasks, including by expertise.


Security options to restrict matter access to specific users or allow access to matters across all practice users.

Secure, password-less authentication for all users.


Snapshot of key data on your dashboard, active tasks that are due and open matters.   Clearl view and access all your required actions and approvals, unread messages and instructions from clients.


Manage lawyers, matters and tasks through expertise categories and practice teams to better select the right project team and find matters in the future.


Share and store documents and organise folders flexibly, and fast and secure filing of external emails directly into each Matter using a unique email address.


Flexible user roles for practices to cater for traditional and 'new law' models and to collaborate with remote working personnel, including external service providers and freelancers


Easy method to register conflicts of interest and resolution of those conflicts against clients, users or regarding individual matters.

Single login

Access multiple practices with a single log in. Practice users and their clients can switch between their own secure practice and client accounts to view, instruct, respond, manage and collaborate on all internal and external legal matters. For example, a bank with access to a Law Fluent 'client portal' through a law firm they instruct, may also use Law Fluent to manage their legal and compliance matters internally through a 'practice portal'.

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The new way of practicing law, we're here to help

You said the App is available free for 30 days, but what are the fees after the trial period ends?

That's right, Law Fluent offers a 30 day no obligation free trial. If you want to continue using Law Fluent after the trial ends, you will need to select one of our subscription plans and supply valid current credit card details.

Find out our current subscription Pricing Plans and review our Terms of Service for more information.

During the free trial period and thereafter, do we need to sign an agreement?

Yes, if you are interested in signing up to use Law Fluent, whether during the trial period or thereafter, you will need to accept our Terms of Service. These Terms, which include our Privacy Policy covering how we collect, store, handle and secure your and your client's data, are a binding agreement between us and outline our rights and obligations to each other.

Can Law Fluent integrate with other time recording, billing or document generation platforms?

Not yet. We are working through our key list of enhancements, including reporting and integrations with other platforms, including AI and time-keeping applications. In the meantime, LAWyal Solicitors, our virtual law firm currently operating through Law Fluent, requires only Harvest timekeeping, and Xero book keeping, to compliment its matter management through Law Fluent. We will keep you updated on future integrations and reporting functionality.

How often will there be updates to the App?

We are constantly enhancing and refining Law Fluent, and will continue to introduce new features and make improvement updates regularly.  We will let everyone using Law Fluent know when key updates have been made, and the new features and improvements that apply. We also love to hear and learn from you, and make a point of considering every idea and feedback that comes our way.

How can I become a virtual lawyer and will Law Fluent help?

Once you've decided how you want to structure your virtual practice (ILP, partnership, sole practitioner), and you have the right practicing certificate and PI insurance, your systems are key. With Law Fluent, you can manage online your matters and tasks with clients, manage your lawyers and their expertise and tasks, and provide your clients with access to their portal to collaborate between you all.  You could compliment Law Fluent with systems like Harvest (for time-keeping) and Xero (for accounting, which integrates with Harvest), and for email LAWyal has Gmail. Together these systems provide a simple inexpensive cloud based solution to running a virtual law firm.

What IT support and services will Law Fluent provide?

During the free period and thereafter, you will have access to a support email which we will monitor between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding NSW public holidays). We will not be offering any additional services to tailor the platform, integrate with your systems or migrate data. The platform is being offered on an 'as is' basis. For more information see our Terms of Service.  

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